Hi, I'm Brynn!

Welcome to my site!  I’m happy to have you here.

I’ve been a metal detector enthusiast since I was in high school when my best friend and I would dig holes all over the state of NH, USA where I grew up.

I’ll never forget those cold mornings (we’d start out at the crack of dawn to avoid curious gawkers), my “detecting hand” would be so cold it would form what we affectionately called “THE CLAW”.  But that was never a deterrent.

Picture of Brynn

The lure of the unknown and thrill of the treasure hunt has kept me in the game all these years, and I hope to be able to deliver a site of value to others who love treasure hunting or love the idea of getting into the game.

Today I reside in the moody, Pacific Northwest with my family, where I hope to instill a similar sense of curiosity in my children.

Thanks for being here 🙂